The focus of my art practice is the cultural shift triggered by the technological advances of the last 30 years, particularly mobile. As an active member of the software development community, my art work is uniquely informed by technology and it’s profound influence on everyday life.

I primarily work in oils and find their perceived longevity a contrast to the disposable nature of technology. My concept development begins with rough sketches and photographic studies.  Light is a key component in my work. Given the fleeting nature of light, photographic resources afford me the time to linger over transitory moments and consider the effects of light on an environment. I start a canvas by sketching the compositional structure, forms, perspective and negative space followed by an underpainting, typically a monochromatic value study in a cool color to add depth.

In the Mobility series, the oversized mobile phones are commenting on the cultural shifts in image consumption. The large white border representing the device functions like a traditional matte. It isolates the viewer from the noise of the world, drawing their focus inward then virtually disappears. The phone has become an intermediary for processing life experiences, museum visitors and concert goers consume the arts through a lens. The powerful yet simple image-making tools have fostered the reinvention of self-portraits to selfies, still life with fruit to #food, and landscapes made epic with push button filters. The mobile phone culture is producing and consuming images at a feverous pace. Will most end up in the virtual trash? How many take root in the cloud never to be deleted? These are some of the questions I am considering in my current work.

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Malloy attended the Cleveland Institute of Art on a Gund Scholarship where she received a Gund Scholarship and graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and Photography. She has lived and worked in Cleveland, New York City, Santa Fe and the San Francisco Bay area. Catherine Malloy currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.